Posted on June 9, 2023 at 03:35 pm

Bea Binene – A glimpse of my day at the café

@beabineneonline A glimpse of my day at the café. I often juggle being the barista, business owner, and the artista. The best way to end a busy day? A moment with the fam and Nestlé Temptations. Yes, things can be hectic… Sometimes giving in to temptation is good so you could push yourself more. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Go reward your hardworking self. You deserve it. 😉 Get your Nestlé Temptations ice cream from all leading supermarkets and Ice Cream Party PH (Nestlé Ice Cream Lazada) Store). #NestléTemptations #NestlélceCream #NestléSupremelceCream #GivelnToNestléTemptations #GivelnToTemptations #StrawberriesAndCream #icecream #philippines ♬ original sound – beabinene