Posted on May 30, 2023 at 01:28 pm

Jessica Kristine Uy-Godinez – Make time for what really matters

@jessicainyourhead Make time for what really matters. Sometimes we get caught up in deadlines we set up for ourselves. It’s okay to pause and breathe. There are good temptations where you just have to give in. Live a little. Enjoy life with a cup of your favorite Nestle Ice Cream. Get your Nestle Temptations ice cream from all leading supermarkets and Ice Cream Party PH (Nestlé Ice Cream Lazada Store). #NestleTemptations #NestlelceCream #NestleSupremelceCream #GiveintoNestleTemptations #GiveintoTempations #AlmondBrownieFudge #StrawberriesAndCream #CookiesAndCream #DoubleDutch ♬ Debussy “Moonlight” Piano Solo(829473) – LEOPARD